Menu of the vegetarian restaurant Etnosvět is divided into several sections.

Daily menu is available on weekdays from 11:30am to 4:00pm. Newly is possible to order also from à la carte during a lunch.

From 5pm you have a choice from our permanent offer (à la carte) or special vegan offer. It is possible to watch preparation of special offer at the back part of our restaurant.

Every Sunday we have vegetarian or vegan brunch.

All menus are seasonal.

The chef of the restaurant is Anthony Kulehsa.

À la carte


Chestnut velouté

Roasted chestnut and cardamom chantilly

180 Kč


Vegan steak tartar

Roasted garlic, capers, red onion, salted bread crisps & rye bread crumble

210 Kč

Beetroot ravioli

Brillat Savarin, pistachio, preserved lemon, pickled golden beetroot

215 Kč

Free range egg fried in kadaif

French lentil salad, smoked shallots, parmesan emulsion, lamb’s lettuce

205 Kč

Smoked potato salad

Fried Olomoucké tvarůžky, red onion espuma, hazelnuts

165 Kč

Tarte fine

Onion & olive jam, smoked ricotta, cherry tomatoes, artichoke, confit peppers

220 Kč

Indian Gol Gappa

Black chickpeas, yoghurt, tamarind water

195 Kč

“Foie gras”

Smoked tempeh, mango chutney & jelly, brioche, ginger bread crumble

195 Kč

Sour cream and buckwheat blinis

Sea weed caviar and toasted nori

210 Kč

Main dishes

Ballotine of cabbage

Smoked tofu, mushrooms, red cabbage extaction, carrot purée, port wine juice

305 Kč

Nut roast Wellington

Puff pastry, mushroom, glazed carrots, celeriac & apple puree, confit shallot & onion jus

350 Kč


Pepper&eggplant ajvar, sour cream, onion relish, pita bread

270 Kč

Mock Peking duck

Crispy marinated seitan, steamed Chinese pancakes, cucumber, spring onion, hoisin & plum sauce

305 Kč

Coconut „meat balls“

Khorma sauce, naan, basmati rice, ginger raita

310 Kč

Cima di rapa linguine di Gragnano

Almonds, sundried tomatoes, vodka flambé in whole Parmesan cheese served at the table

340 Kč

Alps burger

Beetroot burger, rösti, goat cheese, confit onion

280 Kč

Purple potato dumplings

Smoked bryndza, rocket coulis, creamy hungarian paprika sauce

240 Kč

Vegetable couscous

Onion & raisin jam, harissa, chickpeas, almonds

230 Kč

Radicchio risotto

Carnaroli rice, almond espuma, ginger

275 Kč

Composed salad

Tomatoes, pazmasan, cucumber, balsamico, olive oil, fried onion

155 Kč

Salads and sides

Today’s side salad

85 Kč

Rice or couscous

65 Kč

Today’s vegetables

65 Kč

Naan, pita or chinese pancakes

65 Kč

Kids menu

Crunchy vegetables and cheese quesadilla

145 Kč

Mini veggie burger and sliced raw vegetables

145 Kč

Linguine with tomato sauce and grated parmesan

145 Kč

Purple potato dumplings

145 Kč


Passion fruit parfait

Salted caramel, chocolate

150 Kč

Chocolate fondant

Pistachio ice cream, toasted hazelnut, chocolate ganache, burnt white chocolate

155 Kč

Crispy roasted pineapple

Yoghurt mousse, passion fruit coulis

160 Kč

Cheese plate

195 Kč

Chef's suggestion Vegan food