The Etnosvět vegan and vegetarian menu has been created by the restaurant’s head chef, Ondra Panoš.

You can choose from our standard à la carte menu, featuring several vegan dishes.

Should you want to get to know our cuisine thoroughly, you can go for our 7 course tasting menu, ideally with wine pairing.

Every day between 5 pm and 7 pm discount 15 % if you pay till 7 pm.

All the menus change based on the season.

We will also gladly create a special menu for your party, event or celebration.

We are looking forward to seeing you in our restaurant!

À la carte


Cucumber soup

Feta cheese, dill oil, fennel sorbet

195 Kč


Vegan steak tartar

Roasted garlic, capers, red onion, salted bread crisps & rye bread crumble

210 Kč

Indian Dahi bhalla

Burned peppers, yoghurt, tamarind, mint sauce

185 Kč

Vegetable tempura

Liquorice & yuzu dip, wasabi pesto

225 Kč

Chickpea waffle with grilled eggplant

Fresh vegetables, ricotta mousse, yoghurt mayonnaise with activated charcoal

190 Kč

Fried spring rolls with mock peking duck

Seitan, hoisin sauce, cucumber, mint coulis, gastrique dressing

170 Kč

Mushroom pâté

Green lentils, truffle oil, leaf salad, roasted bread

220 Kč

Mozzarella di bufala

Roasted cherry tomatoes, tomato sponge, basil

215 Kč

Corn flan

Corn bisque, quail egg, popcorn

205 Kč


Fritters with gruyére cheese, mushrooms & onion jus

Escalivada vegetables, créme fraîche

390 Kč

Linguine with basil & shiso pesto

Tomato concasse, seaweed powder, fava beans

345 Kč

Asian rice noodles with smoked tempeh

Marinated smoked tempeh, pak choi, fresh coriander

275 Kč

Risotto with coffee

Beer reduction, parmesan cream

270 Kč

Potato dumplings with smoked bryndza

Pepper sauce, red cabbage purée

240 Kč

Tofu makhani

Naan bread, basmati rice, ginger raita

320 Kč

Fried sushi

Wasabi, sriracha sauce, pickled ginger

250 Kč

Lentil burger

Mustard dip, french fries, coleslaw

265 Kč

Bulgur salad with marinated halloumi cheese

Pomegranate, onion relish, mint

280 Kč

Moussaka with black quinoa & parmesan

Tomato sauce, apple tzatziki, pita bread

320 Kč


French fries

65 Kč


65 Kč


85 Kč


40 Kč


Linguine with tomato sauce & parmesan

145 Kč

Potato dumplings

145 Kč

Risotto with cherry tomatoes & zucchini

145 Kč


Chocolate fondant

Pistachio ice cream, toasted hazelnut, chocolate ganache, burnt white chocolate

165 Kč

Avocado créme brulée

Banana, port wine reduction

160 Kč

Apricot sorbet with thai basil

Amaretti crumble, almond tuile, chocolate espuma

165 Kč

Mango & chocolate mousse

Cinnamon crumble, mango

160 Kč

Cheese platter

185 Kč

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