The Etnosvět vegan and vegetarian menu has been created by the restaurant’s head chef, Ondra Panoš.

During the week we offer the following options to chose from:

  • Lunch menu 11.30 am – 3:30 pm
  • Stone-baked pizza 11.30 am – 3 pm
  • à la carte menu 12 am – 3:30 pm

Starting at 5 pm you can chose from our standard à la carte menu, featuring several vegan dishes. Should you want to get to know our cuisine thoroughly, you can go for our 8 course tasting menu, ideally with wine pairing.

All the menus change based on the season.

We will also gladly create a special menu for your party, event or celebration.

We are looking forward to seeing you in our restaurant!

À la carte


Andalusian salmorejo

Tomatoes, almonds, pita bread croutons, coriander pesto

195 Kč


Eggplant & goat cheese involtini

Fennel tapenade, confit of peppers

190 Kč

Seaweed & cucumber tartar

Marinated cucumber, nori, seaweed caviar, kumbawa flavoured crème fraîche, dill

195 Kč

Coriander rolls with mango salad

Soya bean shoots, chilli, lime

165 Kč

Caesar zucchini carpaccio

Italian salad, capers, croutons, parmesan

175 Kč

Vegan steak tartar

Roasted garlic, capers, red onion, salted bread crisps & rye bread crumble

210 Kč

Egg in parmesan crust

Green beans & almond salad, dill emulsion

190 Kč


Eringi, coconut milk leek fondue, potatoes, lime emulsion

185 Kč

Spinach parfait

Carrots, radish, smoked bryndza, asparagus, zucchini

195 Kč

Indian Dahi bhalla

Burned peppers, yoghurt, tamarind, mint sauce

185 Kč


Eggplant mille-feuille

Mozzarella di bufala, taggiasca olives, rocket

280 Kč

Fried sushi with avocado & smoked carrot

Wasabi, cucumber, chilli

225 Kč

Zucchini kofte

Cacik, turkish salad, pita bread, harissa

230 Kč

Conchiglioni with ricotta & eggplant

Herb crust, roasted tomato juice

295 Kč

Smoked tempeh moroccan pastilla

Fava beans ragout, dates purée, cumin juice

310 Kč

Wonton in szechuan chilli sauce

Pak choi, sesame, spring onion

255 Kč

Linguine di Gragnano with pistachio & rocket pesto

Cherry tomatoes confit, pecorino Parmesan cheese served at the table

345 Kč

Riso venere with fennel confit

Wasabi espuma, nori

325 Kč

Wellington nut roast

Sundried tomatoes, rocket & celeriac purée, caramelised onion juice, spring vegetables

330 Kč

Portobello burger with bbq mayonaise

Red leaf lettuce, coriander, onion

265 Kč


Today’s side salad

85 Kč

Rice or couscous

65 Kč

Today’s vegetables

65 Kč


Linguine al pesto

145 Kč

Conchiglioni with ricotta & eggplant

145 Kč

Eggplant mille-feuille

145 Kč

Zucchini kofte

145 Kč


Strawberry salad

Rhubarb jam, mint whipped cream

150 Kč

Halwa carrot cake

Coriander sponge cake, almonds, lime sorbet

150 Kč

Chocolate fondant

Pistachio ice cream, toasted hazelnut, chocolate ganache, burnt white chocolate

155 Kč

Coconut cheesecake

Fresh fruit, herbs

160 Kč

Apricot raw cake

Basil, cashew

145 Kč

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