Ondra Panoš - tým Entosvět

Ondřej Panoš

Right after graduating from my chef studies I started discovering the beauty and the challenges of my craft in various restaurants and hotels in my home town of Tábor. Hospitality services intrigued me so much that I studied hotel management, working as a hotel manager for some time. Yet when I was offered a job in an AA Rosette restaurant in the UK, I took the opportunity to get out of my suit, and into a chef’s attire. I learned a lot, working with a very experienced chef, and became his sous-chef. And since there is no place like home, I returned to Prague and joined the Etnosvět team. Here I use my experience to do what I love doing – cook with fresh, high-quality seasonal ingredients.

Míša - Spolupráce Etnosvět
Strategic Development & Partnership

Michaela Dvořáková

Aloha! Do not expect boredom and dullness, Etnosvět bring diversity, new tastes, interesting experience and wonderful times! I want you to leave us not only having had a great meal, but also loving the ambiance. At the same time I try to make our team happy as well, because they are the heart and soul of Etnosvět! This make every day different and demanding (and absolutely amazing!). #lifeissweet #tastewithoutborders

Kateřina - event coordinator Etnosvět
Event coordinator

Kačka Tůmová

Etnosvět gives me not only a great job without the need to feel guilty about serving meat, but also a lot of new experiences. I now have a great group of colleagues who are also my friends, and so my job has become a second home to me. Thank you!

Amila - kuchař Etnosvět
Sous chef


Since childhood I was always open to the to the foreigners because I lived on the coast of Sri Lanka. Maybe because of that, may be later I started my career in SLITHM (Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management). Meanwhile I was studying I decided to gain some work experience in Sri Lanka and later in Dubai.

My passion was to work as a bartender. However I end up as a chef 🙂  After I graduated in Food and Beverage at SLITHM I worked as a restaurant manager in Sri Lanka. Suddenly I moved to Prague and worked in a Srilanka’s restaurant. At the end of my current journey I got the chance to work with this amazing people and chefs at Etnosvět. I am always trying to give my 100% to whatever I am doing. 

My personal motto is “Work hard, give it 100 % and you will get everything you dream about”.

Lucie - manažerka směny Etnosvět
Shift manager

Lucie Filipiecová

I have always been interested in Gastronomy. I graduated from high school of Hospitality and I spent two years at the College of Tourism. However I was crazy about traveling and stopped my studying to spent a few years in Scotland gain some experience. In the end, in a completely unplanned way, I moved to Prague and found a job that I enjoy and as a bonus I found friends here. 🙂

Petr Kalivoda - chef Etnosvět

Petr Kalivoda

Ever since I was young I liked cooking and invention of my own recipes, cooking for me was always a good relax and relaxation. But when it came to the decision which high school the field Machinist fire equipment (Fireman) won ! Despite all that, my passion for cooking and curiosity led me back to the kitchen 🙂 In the Etnosvět I enjoy the cool team of people and cooking without meat.
I love traveling, preferably in the mountains and I also enjoy climbing in my free time.
Sam - Etnosvět tým


Hello, Im Sam from Sri Lanka (yes another Srilankan chef ! 🙂

I learned cooking in the hard way, being the eldest in the family I had to cook for my siblings when my mom was away. So I had the best and most honest judges, the kids, and that was the time when I mastered my sense for taste. After studying Economics, Arts and IT, I started as a Graphic Designer then worked for luxury resort in Sri Lanka as a Content creator, Channel Manager & IT Manager. Being a professional photographer I always worked with chefs and never thought to be the one! I learned a lot about Asian cuisine when I was traveling and working around Asia. Such a great life experience! When I came to Europe a few years back I fell in love with Prague where I got the opportunity to work with Etnosvět team.  My personal motto is “Do what you love and love what you do!’’

Petra - marketing Etnosvět

Petra Prokůpková

My friends would probably describe me as someone whose mind is sometimes steady and focused and the other minute is up in the clouds, someone who can’t bear the stereotype and whose life is a bit of a rollercoaster ride. I am addicted to adrenaline sports my entire life. I enjoyed kitesurfing and proper waves in Portugal and deep powder days on skis in America. I studied twice in Denmark, where I fell in love with branding and then graduated in Innsbruck in this field. I am constantly trying to combine my desire for freedom with the creative work of a marketer. And I truly thank the Etnosvět’s team for this opportunity. Part of my working time I can be back home in my beloved Giant Mountains 🙂

Martina - manažerka směny Etnosvět
Shift manager

Martina Kminiaková

I’ve been in gastronomy for 15 years. Since I started studying at the hotel school it was clear to me that it would be hard work. Long hours on my feet and stressful situations always compensate me with praise from the customer and happy experiences with my colleagues. I never liked those overly serious restaurants with tied staff and stone face. We are not like that. In our team we are different and thus complement each other perfectly.

Baris - tým Etnosvět

Barış Karaca

Hello everyone. My name is Barış and I’m from Turkey. After graduated from university of culinary arts I started to work at restaurant Etnosvět kitchen as a Cook. I choose cooking because I like to search for new tastes and new ideas. Expect of cheflife that I believe every professional should have some hobbies which should complete their worklife and enjoy free time. So I made a choice of growing own vegetables and working on microherbs. You can find some of my products on your plate 🙂 It is such a nice feeling to process earth and having your ingredients from own garden. Earth is willing to return every nice feeling to you back.

Helena - marketing a PR Etnosvět
Marketing & PR

Helena Slavíková

So far my whole life kind of knows no boundaries. I studied International Politics and Diplomacy, but already at school I have discovered my passion for marketing. After several years of work experience in a Czech company and in a corporate company, I joined a group of friends from Etnosvět, where I am in charge of marketing. I like my creative work and I am happy to see the result as a full restaurant of satisfied guests. I enjoy the feeling that it is always a team work.

I am a great epicure, a lover of good food, drink, travel and sports of all kinds. Even though I am a proud native Praguer (was born in Prague), I have mountains and ocean in my heart.

Erik - číšník Etnosvět

Erik Luccas

Why do I work as a waiter in a vegetarian restaurant? Because after more than 10 years of experience in gastronomy, it was a new challenge for me. And in Etnosvět, I came across a great team of people, a friendly atmosphere and a fair employer. My hobbies are traveling and studying modern history. Thanks to the friendly environment and my colleagues I have plenty of time for my hobbies.



My career started with a great project that combined a fine dining restaurant, a 4 * hotel in the countryside and as a bonus a lot of exceptional colleagues and friends. After two years and many new experiences, a further shift in work and life was absolutely necessary for me.In my mind there was always an idea to live abroad. My first hot spot was Australia, of which eventually became a year in Majorca. I worked in a vegan restaurant where I actually became a vegan. All my life I have tended to vegetarianism, love and respect for animals.

After Majorca, I set out on my most amazing adventure in Hawaii. I lived in a rain forest on a farm. There I helped an absolutely amazing lady with the care and collection of fruit, vegetable sprouts, flowers and leaves for our daily living. After Hawaii my trip led through another few exotic countries to Tenerife, where after half a year of cooking in a restaurant by the sea I decided to visit again the Czech Republic, curious if I find an interesting project and did