Ondřej Panoš

Right after graduating from my chef studies I started discovering the beauty and the challenges of my craft in various restaurants and hotels in my home town of Tábor. Hospitality services intrigued me so much that I studied hotel management, working as a hotel manager for some time. Yet when I was offered a job in an AA Rosette restaurant in the UK, I took the opportunity to get out of my suit, and into a chef’s attire. I learned a lot, working with a very experienced chef, and became his sous-chef. And since there is no place like home, I returned to Prague and joined the Etnosvět team. Here I use my experience to do what I love doing – cook with fresh, high-quality seasonal ingredients.

sous chef

Noam Darom

My journey has been slightly different. Originally, I wanted to be a visual artist. I studied to get my arts Master’s at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, and cooking was a way of making a living for me and my family. But when my studies were over I decided to fully dive into gastronomy and enrolled at a school. I had the opportunity to work in several top level kitchens during my studies. Even now when I have some time to spare I am trying to get an internship. Creativity, inspiration and innovation are vital to me. When we are cooking, or indeed eating, we use all our senses, which is what I keep in mind when making meals that make me and you happy.

Manager of the restaurant

Daria Ponomareva

Cooking and great food are my life passions. Yet I launched my career outside of the gastro-world. After finishing my studies at the Prague School of Economics, I worked in international shipping. I was a Shipping Operations Manager, Shipbroker and Crew Manager. However, my lifelong dream of opening my own restaurant kept coming back. And so when I was offered the opportunity to manage the whole Etnosvět team, I didn’t have to think twice! My vision is a restaurant that operates smoothly, with friendly staff and a perfect menu, making each visit to Etnosvět a great experience.


Veronika Hašpicová

I am a qualified jewelry maker, which is a profession that comes with a great deal of diligence, patience and hard work. I started off by taking a part-time job in a small restaurant, and slowly worked my way up. Orderly and well-organized environment is very important for me. I am a gardener, a cook and a baker in my free time – which is what lead me to Etnosvět.

I would also like to add that working here brings me both a professional and personal fulfillment. I am glad for the opportunity to meet so many professionals and diverse human beings, which is what Etnosvět brings.

Sales and event manager

Michaela Dvořáková

Aloha! J Do not expect boredom and dullness, Etnosvět bring diversity, new tastes, interesting experience and wonderful times! I want you to leave us not only having had a great meal, but also loving the ambiance. At the same time I try to make our team happy as well, because they are the heart and soul of Etnosvět! This make every day different and demanding (and absolutely amazing!). #lifeissweet #tastewithoutborders

Dana Nemcová

I love Etnosvět because of the people who work here. Or as a certain Mr. Karl Ludwig Börne said: “Those who can work in the real world and live in the world of ideals will reach the highest goals.”

Kačka Tůmová

Etnosvět gives me not only a great job without the need to feel guilty about serving meat, but also a lot of new experiences. I now have a great group of colleagues who are also my friends, and so my job has become a second home to me. Thank you! J

shift manager

Eliška Hašpicová

I come from a small town in the north of Moravia, called Nový Jičín. My high school specialized in hospitality services and management. When I was 18, I moved to Prague and started working as a waitress, and the restaurants I worked in include Duplex, Ultramarin and Hard Rock Café. When working in a Sardinian cuisine restaurant Ichnusa Bodega Bistro I started focusing on wines (and did an ASPI sommelier course) and on the management of catering services. The most important thing for me is for the guest to have an extraordinary experience and to come back. In my free time I like to leave Prague for my farm, where I grow all kinds of fruit and vegetables and then process them into delicious food. I have learned a lot during the year I have been in Etnosvět. I now know that there still are people who love their work and are personally invested in the result. Which is what makes Etnosvět so unique. And I can honestly say that I am looking forward to going to work.


Petra Prokůpková

My friends would probably describe me as someone whose mind is sometimes steady and focused and the other minute is up in the clouds, someone who can’t bear the stereotype and whose life is a bit of a rollercoaster ride. I am addicted to adrenaline sports my entire life, however after few injuries I am way more calm down. I enjoyed kitesurfing and proper waves in Portugal and deep powder days on skis in America. Which sounds like I was just having fun 🙂 Not only! I studied twice in Denmark, where I fell in love with branding and then graduated in Innsbruck in this field. I am constantly trying to combine my desire for freedom with the creative work of a marketer. And I truly thank the team Etnosvět for this opportunity. Part of my working time I can be back home in my beloved Giant Mountains 🙂 so sometimes you can meet me with headlamp on skialps in the evening because that’s the way we go here for a beer.


Erik Luccas

Why do I work as a waiter in a vegetarian restaurant? Because after more than 10 years of experience in gastronomy, it was a new challenge for me. And in Etnosvět, I came across a great team of people, a friendly atmosphere and a fair employer. My hobbies are traveling and studying modern history. Thanks to the friendly environment and my colleagues I have plenty of time for my hobbies.