Philosophy and vision

Vegetarian cuisine has always been a specific area of gastronomy. Our vision is to show our guests a whole range of interesting – and vegetarian – ingredients that make for a rich and intriguing meal. We want you, our guests, to experience tastes that may have been strange or unknown to you.

Yet our menu also features some of the well-known stars of international cuisine, such as pappardelle, risotto, falafel or chocolate fondant. We chose the name Etnosvět (Ethnoworld) as a symbol for something that brings together nations from all over the world, a feature that is is reflected in our menus. Our restaurant guests have an opportunity to “taste the world”, as we offer specialties from all five continents. Under the lead of our Czech head chef, Ondřej Panoš, an international team has been established and so you can be sure that the exotic meal you just ordered is going to be truly authentic.

Our logo is very much an encapsulation of our vision, showing a tree with each continent sitting on a branch, linking them all as well as linking all the nations of our planet.

Come travel through the world of tastes, where borders don’t exist.