We are well aware that vegetarian catering needs courage. And we have it. Hundreds of happy and positively surprised customers speak for us. Some of the meat lovers already dropped their hats in front of us.

Our catering is, as well as the whole philosophy of the Etnosvět restaurant & event venues, full of colors, spices and flavors from around the world. Your event can take place in our restaurant, conference rooms, lounge or we can come to the place of your choice.

We are also happy to combine our catering with wine pairing and we are not afraid of cocktails or cognac as well. You can combine a tasting experience with a catering or just enjoy it alone.

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Recent clients

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Restaurace je trvale uzavřena. Tým Etnosvěta se částečně přesunul do naší spřátelené restaurace Spojka Karlín.

Těšíme se na Vás!

Eventové prostory Etnosvět Events jsou nadále v provozu! Celou restauraci je možné pronajmout pro soukromé účely.

V rámci Spojujeme nabízíme i originální, zábavné a bezpečné on-line programy! Show Must Go On.


The restaurant is permanently closed. The Etnosvět team has partially moved to our friendly restaurant Spojka Karlín.

We look forward to you!

Variable venues Etnosvět Events are still opened! Also the entire restaurant can be rented for private purposes.

Within Spojujeme, we also offer original, fun and safe online programs! Show Must Go On.