See you at Legerova till the end of April

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Restaurace Praha Etnosvět

Our dear Etnocard holders,

please note that on 30.4. after more than four and a half years, we will close Etnosvět on Legerova. It was an incredible ride and a big time school. We will be happy if you come and spend a good time with us during the last few weeks!
Do you have an Etnocard or an Etnowallet?
Please come to redeem your Etnocards bonuses and Etnowallet credits by the end of April! Should you really miss it, please contact us at and we will arrange it.
Do you collect stamps for the 10th free lunch?
Since march 9th we cancel our lunch offer. If you collect stamps for the 10th free lunch, do not despair. At lunch time (weekdays 11:30 – 16:00) we bring back 30% discount on all meals.
Do you have a voucher?
Come and apply it by the end of April. If you will not have time to do so, it is possible to apply your voucher from 1.5.2020 to 31.12.2020 in our sister restaurant Spojka Karlín. If you are not satisfied with this solution, please contact us at and we will arrange it.
We are currently looking for a business partner who has the right place to continue our concept. Do you have a suitable space in the Old Town and want to become a partner of Etnosvět? Let us know at or 774071702.
Stop by, we are here for you till the end of April. And if not, we will be glad if you visit us at one of our other projects, whether at escape games in Endorfin or at the place where food connects us, in Spojka Karlin, where part of our team is relocating.
A big thank you to all who built Etnosvět with us, as well as to all of you, our great guests! It was an unforgettable time! So maybe see you again 🙂

The Etnosvět team