New winter arrivals on the menu

Publikováno 7. February, rubrika Blog, autor

Zimní menu 2020 Etnosvět

We have prepared for you as usual a few news that will please not only your taste buds 😉 but also the immune system!

Among the desserts, we also have one surprise, our very first dessert without white sugar, sweetened only with honey. You can identify it by its main ingredients, beetroot 😉

VITAMINS and SUPERFOODS that’s our claim for this yer news on the menu. We have included dishes from ingredients such as buckwheat, red cabbage, micro herbs or savoy cabbage.


Turkish stuffed vine leaves

yoghurt tarator, grapes, pine nuts

Conchiglioni with Eringi and chestnuts

celery purée, dijon mustard, parmesan

Asian rice noodles with kimchi

tofu, daikon, peanuts, coconut, tamari sauce

Smoked buckwheat with pickled chanterelles

carrot purée, marinated red cabbage, onion sauce, almond

Bao – bun with chopped oyster

red cabbage, fennel, hoisin sauce, asian salad

Chocolate brownies with beetroot

gingerbread ice cream, peanuts ganache, hazelnuts

Coconut mousse with pistachio

kadaif, pomegranate syrup

Come and try! See you at Legerova 40 🙂